Solution for the Let's Encrypt 404 Not Found Problem Aug. 17, 2017

Let's Encrypt is a great service, which provides SSL certificates for free, which is very important for safety on the internet. One of the (maybe even only) downside of this service is that the certificate durations are only 3 months. A few days ago, the certificate for is expired. While Certbot worked flawlessly in the first certificate creation, the renewal resulted in an unexpected "404 Not Found" error. In this article, I will talk about my tiring process of discovering the solution for this problem. My aim is to create a reference for people encountering for this problem, since I realized that the problem is very common but finding the correct solution is not that easy.

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Unity Networking Basics and Beginner Issues July 27, 2017

While working on my multiplayer game project, I ran into some awkward issues with the Unity's networking system (UNET). I had some experience with the Photon Unity Networking from before, thus wrapping my head around and adapting my mind to Unity's newer native networking system took some time.

If you (like me) try to go over the application tutorials about the networking system, you will probably have a hard time understanding the basic consepts of the system, which is required to apply the things you learned to your own project that is different than a generic multiplayer shooter. Instead of going over Unity's tutorial, I highly recommend reading the concepts documentation which introduces the most basic logic behind the system. 

In this article, I am explaining some basic problems with UNET, where all beginners might encounter. If you are just starting with Unity networking, I recommend checking this article to have an idea what you might encounter.

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Solving Travelling Salesman Problem with Go Language May 24, 2017

I had been wanting to learn the Go language for some time. The homework I was given for the Parallel Programming course that I took this semester was a great opportunity for me to do that. Go language has utilities and control structures which are very similar to the languages (ADA, Occam etc.) that are shown during the course. Since Go is a language with a more up-to-date design, I thought that using it for the semester project would be a teaching experience, not a waste of time.

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