Below are my projects in roughly chronological order. I will try to write about my projects in more detail later.

  • Arenator - Arenator is a card suggestion tool for the “Arena” mode of Hearthstone. Hearthstone is a Blizzard game and all material relevant to the game belongs to Blizzard.
  • EMAK Ticaret - One of my recent website projects that I created for a firm called EMAK.
  • MultiClipboard - MultiClipboard is a Windows application that helps managing the data you copy. You can save the contents you put via CTRL+C in your clipboard and copy new data. Save your copied text up to three slots and never fear replacing your data.
  • Avoid Game (Android) - “Avoid Game Reloaded” has the same concept of A-Void Game that I made before. This is made with Unity engine. I have plans to update control system to make it better and make the game easier some time. Try it if you have an Android device!
  • Univ. Course Automation - A course automation system that I have coded with 4 of my friends for “Database Management” course in university. We used “Apache Wicket” framework which involves Java and HTML coding.
  • A-Void Game - A game that I created using Java and Slick2D library. Everything in the game is created by me, even the music!
  • Mazem - Last GameMaker project that I have completed. It’s basically a puzzle game that features maze-like levels. There are various items to interact with. The resulting game is a quite good one that I really like. It has hard and clever levels but I wonder if anybody ever got that far :/. I recorded the solutions of some levels. You can find those videos on my YouTube channel.
  • Reyti - A website project I completed using PHP. Features Facebook login. Users ask questions and get help/opinions from their friends.
  • CSV to Table - A useful tool that I coded with PHP as a school homework in my first year. Can be used to convert “Comma Seperated Files” (CSV) to HTML tables.
  • CKEditor Syntaxhighlight - A lousy Syntaxhighlighter plugin that I created for CKEditor. Since I struggled while trying to find a Syntaxhighlighter adaptation for CKEditor, I tried to create a very basic “non-userfriendly” plugin. I explained how to use it on my old wordpress blog but I am not putting it here. Sorry, you are alone to figure it out.
  • Anime Translation Project - I translated “Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu!” from English to Turkish based on HorribleSubs’ subtitles.
  • Kahraman Kutu - My second attempt of a Game Maker game. Most sprites are taken from somewhere I don’t even know. It is a very fun game to be honest although the game is so hard that at some point it becomes impossible. It has a really cool boss fight at the end that no one has ever reached. It’s in Turkish.
  • Old - I practiced my object oriented PHP, CSS and jQuery knowledge by coding my old site. It was before I transferred it to a Wordpress site which is also closed now. I’m sharing the codes of the old non-wp site in case someone wants to take a look at the codes.
  • Clicky - My first game ever! Created with Game Maker. Really annoying game with loud music.

See my github repos here.