Django Deployment Guide with Vagrant and Fabric April 30, 2017

Although Django is a great all-in-one tool for creating websites in a very short time, its deployment can be a pain since there are a lot of steps you need to take and a lot of bits and pieces you need to fiddle with. If you don't take the easy path of using a service such as Heroku, especially looking at their limitations; you need to prepare your server by looking at a lot of guides and best practices etc. Of course you may not care about the best practices or the security of your server and want to put together a testing environment with Django's development server, but for a production environment you will need to go through some of the phases such as:

  • Making your server secure (install and configure firewall, enable SSH login, disable root login etc.)
  • Installing and configuring the Django server such as Gunicorn
  • Installing and configuring the proxy server such as Nginx
  • Setting up the virtual environment
  • If necessary, setting up some sort of automated deployment with tools such as Git, Fabric, Chef, Puppet etc.

If you do some research on the internet to find a good deployment guide for all these steps, you will be disappointed. Most of the Django deployment guides are outdated or include various bad practices, or just are not explanatory. In the end, you will need to look at some individual guides for each tool you decide to use. This makes the deployment process of Django to be tiresome.

Since I had the problems above, I decided to write a guide about how I carry out the deployment steps.

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Base and Singleton Monobehaviour Classes in Unity April 2, 2017

In unity, using some of the main functions in scripting is quite pain in the butt. When trying to apply object-oriented based approaches, Unity’s component based system might get in the way to complicate things. Two of such problems that I generally encounter is using Start() and Awake()functions and implementing singleton objects. In the following sections, I will explain how I take care of these problems with two functions that should have come with the Unity by default in my opinion.

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Hello World! April 2, 2017

Shall this first post of the site bring us luck! I overhauled the site by updating the libraries and changing the server to linode. I have been constantly changing the site while trying out new things but hopefully this setup will be long-going.

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